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These cookies are the best. I was only getting about 30ml from my Hakaa suddenly and after one day of 4 cookies already bumped up to 120ml. Such a lifesaver and they taste amazing too. Only negative is how addictive they are, sometimes stopping at 4 is hard.

- Ayesha Maria Cooper-Redgwell


Delivery was quick, they taste amazing ♡ their affordable and the packaging is so cute ! I love them , thankyou
- Tayla Hendetson-Kohi


Got my order of cookies yesterday. They taste great and I had 2 this morning whilst breastfeeding and pumped 90mls off just one side this arvo. Other days I’ve tried to pump in the arvo and I was lucky enough to get maybe a total of 40mls after both sides ��� need to express so this mamma can have a couple of hours out at night. Thank you.
- Julie Little


Wow! I am absolutely blown away! The cookies you make are amazing!
I've purchased every flavor of cookie and love them all! They are my go to snack through out the day, and a perfect compliment for my cups of tea. And my milk supply is just incredible! I'm able to breastfeed without feeling empty or drained of energy and I believe I have your tasty cookies to thank. So thank you Lactation Station xx
- Sarah Lee


Sooo I got my cookies yesterday, ate quite a few throughout the day and night to keep up my energy. They are delicious and nice and filling and they work! Before the cookies I was expressing 120ml from both sides, now I just got 210mls ! 
Thank you so much 
- Chloe White


So stoked! Just got my new packet of biscuits! These have helped me so so much with keeping my supply up to feed my very fast growing 6 week old baby girl! She’s making some very impressive weight gains and without these amazing biscuits to snack on I don’t think I would have been able to keep up with her through all the cluster feeds! Couldn’t recommend them more and they taste so amazing!
-Stacey Holloway


I love your products!. The cookies taste amazing, so much that I have to hide them from myself so I don't eat the hole package in one go!. 
The tea is delicious, I drink it every day and more than one cup when I see that my milk supply is low. And the boobie blend is great!, I mix it it orange juice and love the taste.
- Emilia Vecchi


These cookies are absolutely amazing 😍 I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding my baby girl right from birth and before I found these cookies, I was barely keeping up with her demands. After finding these amazing cookies I’ve managed to not only keep up with her ever increasing demands, but also build up a large back up stock for when I go back to work 🙌🏽

This morning I had a couple of cookies for breakfast and this is the result I got from 20 minutes of pumping (ALL ON ONE SIDE!!!) 😍 Two full containers plus enough to give baby girl a snack to put her to sleep all from one side 😍 These cookies are honestly amazing! 10000% would recommend for all you mamas out there. Even if you aren’t struggling with your supply I’d still grab some because they taste soooo good 😍👌🏽
- Inez Tulepu



I am dairy free due to buba being dairy intolerant. So I buy ur premix and add dark chocolate chips and mixed fruit and use coconut oil. OMG so yummy. These give a tired mummy the energy she needs to keep up with little one. I also believe they are helping with my supply as well.
- Tamara Phillips


Bought a bag of White Choc cookies, they are delicious (could easily eat a bag a day). First day trying them so hopefully I have some success with them over the next few days. I'm trying to boost my supply as he seems to be hungry after offering both boobs. Might also get the boobie brew 😁
- Shelley Chelle

Absolutely awesome product both the cookies and the Boobie blend I swear by using on my porridge every morning � just wanted to let you know after ordering at approx 1pm 2nd may, they were delivered to my rural mail box 6.30am 3rd may!!! That’s 17 hour turn around it’s amazing and post haste also have a great service for the rural mummy’s �� thanks heaps .
- Hayley Wakefield


I first bought these cookies from Auckland Winter Baby Show, it was hard for me to chose which flavour to buy because all of them taste so nice 😁. So I got three packs at the show. I put one pack in my hospital bag and I remember I was munching the cookies in the Birthcare after giving birth, it was such a good idea because you just need that energy boost in the middle of the night, especially with a newborn. Since then I have addicted to those yummy cookies for months😆
- Jess Lee


Finally found your page as my phone couldnt at the show!!! Yay.
Bought loads of your cookies at opening day of the baby show in auck. Started muching away on white choc. Went in to labour on birthing suite snack. Super yummy and knew theyd help bring milk in too. Day 2 milks in...on to my dark choc bag now tehe no guilt just yummy!!!! Thankyou 









 Have brought off The lactation station website a few times now to try give my milk supply a boost! And the cookies are amazing!! Yummy and great for my milk! Also have a drink bottle and have brought one for my friend too! Definitely recommend and will continue to shop here! 🥰❤️
- Aimee Mclaren


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