Unbaked Citrus Slice

Unbaked Citrus Slice


250g Melted butter
350g Condensed Milk
500g Crushed Wine Biscuits (Best done in a blender)
200g Threaded Coconut
125g Mixed peel

500g Icing Sugar
40g melted butter
2 tbsp Orange Juice to mix

Line a baking dish with baking paper & set aside.

Combine melted butter and condensed milk in medium bowl.

Add remaining ingredients to another medium bowl and mix to combine.
Pour butter & milk mix into the dry ingredients and mix well with hands.

Pour mixture into lined dish and distribute mixture evenly over the dish.
Press firmly to compact mixture to a flat surface

Combine icing sugar and butter into bowl.
Add orange juice slowly into mixture and thoroughly combine.
Pour icing mixture on top the slice evenly and sprinkle with orange zest.
Place in refrigerator for (minimum) 3 hours. Ideally overnight.
Slice and enjoy.

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