Where can I purchase The Lactation Station products?

You can purchase from us directly, or we are pleased to now have our products available in over 150 stockists throughout New Zealand and you can find one closest to you here.

How long is the expiry of The Lactation Stations consumable products?

You will find the expiry dates of our consumable products on each product page. Our Lactation Cookies have a shelf life of 8 months from the baking date

Do the products work?

There have been a lot of studies on Galactagogues and the concept of using natural ingredients to increase a mother’s milk supply has been around for generations, but it has not been until recent years that it has become commercialised. While there have never been clinical studies on mothers and their milk supply when eating the ingredients we use in our products, over the years, we have sold thousands of cookies and now our newer products to women around New Zealand, with hundreds of reviews from those who have seen an increase in their milk supply. Some women who were using formula top ups due to low supply or have been ill and seen a decrease in supply have had great results. Results can and will vary between women as we are all so different. 

How many cookies do I have to eat to help increase my supply?

We recommend starting out with consuming 4 a day for the first couple of days, then adjust to suit.

How quickly will I see the results?

Most women will see a result within 24-48hours. Personally, when I was breastfeeding, I would eat 4 cookies at night and by 2am I would wake up with extra full boobs compared to the other nights that I wouldn’t eat any.

I do not have issues with my supply, but can I still eat them?

Yes, of course.

Is it okay if my children consume the products?

Yes, they are made with natural ingredients that can be consumed by anyone.

Can I consume The Lactation Station products while I am pregnant?

Yes, you can. Our products are made from natural ingredients that are safe to consume during pregnancy. However, our Boobie Brew does contain Raspberry leaf, therefore consuming the tea is not recommended until after 32 weeks.

I’m pregnant or ordering for a friend, when should I place my order?

We recommend to those who are ordering Lactation Cookies, Boobie Blends, Beverages or any consumable products for your hospital bag to wait until your last trimester to order. This way we can assure you are getting a fresh batch with plenty of time before the best before date.

What consumable products are Gluten Free or Dairy Free?

Our Gluten Free products are the Boobie Booster, Boobie Blend and the Boobie Brew.

Our Dairy Free products are the Boobie Booster, Boobie Blend, Boobie Brew, Boobie Beverage (all flavours) and Coconut Cranberry Cookies. Our Lactation Premix can also be made dairy free by using coconut oil instead of butter.

We have the ingredients listed on every product page so you can check this too.

How much Boobie Blend should I add if I am adding it to baking?


Do you have any recipes that include your products, such as the Boobie Blend or Boobie Booster?

Yes we do and are coming up with new recipes for you to try out all the time! Check out our Boobie Baking blog.

Are there any products you recommend over others?

Our Lactation Cookies were the first product in the range and therefore have the most reviews. However, all of our products are not only delicious, but they include galactagogues, which are the natural ingredients that can increase a mothers milk supply (results will vary as every woman is different). Some products work better for others- it’s all about trial and error and finding what works best for your body.

When should I start eating the cookies?

I have 2 parts to this question when I am talking to a mother.

1. If you are a first-time mother, I always say TRUST YOUR BODY. A woman’s body is an incredible thing and our bodies should naturally do its thing to bring in that amazing substance to keep your baby full and growing. However, the cookies do make a great snack to have in your hospital bag rather than other snacks that have no benefits so have them ready to snack on after the baby arrives.

2. I get a lot of mothers coming to me saying that this is their second or third child and they have had issues before with their milk coming in so they want to try the cookies this time around. To these mothers, I recommend starting to eat the cookies 2 weeks leading up to your due that. This way you are enriching your body with the nutrients it needs to hopefully help get that milk going once baby arrives. I also have some helpful tips and tricks for breastfeeding mothers.

How much is shipping and where do you ship?

We ship throughout New Zealand, Australia, United States and United Kingdom. For more information view our Shipping Information.

What is your return policy?

For our Returns and Refund Policy please click here.