About The Lactation Station


100% New Zealand Owned & Operated

Renee Ball, the founder of The Lactation Station, was born to help others. She began her career as a childcare provider, primarily with newborns. Renee then began studies in Midwifery before becoming a mother herself. Some would say Renee was destined to be in the baking industry. Her father was one of New Zealand’s top bakers and she worked in the family bakeries from an early age. Although a career in baking was never planned, Renee began making lactation cookies for herself while at home with her baby daughter Honor. With the support of her husband Tim, this is where the journey started. As requests from fellow mums grew and local markets beckoned, Renee turned a home-baking hobby into a full-time job. As a Mum Renee understands the needs of the world’s most important job, this is what drives her to succeed. Renee has also discovered a love for business and continuously strives to learn to run and grow ‘The Lactation Station’ efficiently while juggling her life as a mother of 3, Honor & Hunter & Harley.


We aim to provide nutritional and functional products to breastfeeding mothers.

The Lactation Station provides affordable, functional & great tasting products that support breastfeeding Mothers. 

From consumable lactation goods filled with galactagogues, to beautifully designed breastfeeding bras. The Lactation Station began by producing (the now famous) lactation cookies.

Using known galactagogues filled ingredients that support breastfeeding mothers. Breastfeeding mothers can burn up to an extra 500 calories a day compared to a non- breastfeeding Mum (Scaccia, A. 2016). This means that their bodies are working overtime. It is vital that breastfeeding mothers replace these calories with the right nutrient dense foods to ensure optimal health not only for themselves but for their babies too.

Historically, functional lactation treats for new or expectant mothers in NZ have been hard to find or homemade. The Lactation Station has filled this gap by providing a good selection of Cookies, blends, and tea and continuously innovating new products to introduce to the market.‘The Lactation Station’ has formulated recipes using specific ingredients that contain galactagogues.

These galactagogues have been a long-touted substance to help humans increase their milk supply. Taste is the key. When a mother’s main concern is her baby, ‘The Lactation Station’ provides top quality products that can be enjoyed by Mum (and Dad if he feels the need). If the mother is satisfied, this will help her to relax while breastfeeding which supports the let-down effect, (the let-down effect means your milk is ready to flow).

Our product development is an ongoing journey. Not only are our products functional, but they also taste great and come highly recommended by Lactation Consultants, Midwives, and Mums throughout New Zealand. ‘The Lactation Stations’ products are available nationwide through 170 stockists and online via our website, www.thelactationstation.co.nz

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