Hospital BagS

Hospital BagS

It's are going to have this baby. And it is never early enough to start getting organised.

You can start by making a list of your own, screenshotting others' ideas or just jumping straight into packing items.
Unless you are planning on having a home birth.
But let's be honest, some of us aren't as organized as others, like me, and waited until 36weeks to start putting our bags together.

This is my second time around packing this all essentials bag but I felt like I was doing it for the first time. 
Using other Mum's suggestions and remembering what I did need when I was there I have finally completed my hospital bag list and it's ready to share.

No hospital bag is going to be the same.
Take and choose what you like from the list and think about what will work for you.

I hope this helps you other Mumma's get organised and gives you some little tips for when your time comes.

Our Hospital BagS

Yes, there are 3 bags here.

Mum           Baby          Honor

I could put these all into one large suitcase we all know how that will end up.


Having 3 cases for each of us means that when I want something for one of us in particular, I know exactly where it will be. And being able to instruct Tim precisely on where to get things to makes it much easier for both of us.
Like many other men, they have NO CLUE what is in these bags. So the more organised you can be, the fewer questions you will have to answer when you ask to get something for you. 

With Honor being present at the hospital (for as long as circumstances allow) I want her to have her own bag filled with toys and entertainment without getting into our nicely packed bags.

Sibling Bag

  • Entertainment:
    - Reading Books
    - Activity books
    - Paper
    - Pens
    - Stickers
  • Snacks
  • Drink Bottle
  • Change of clothes
  • Present for them to give to baby
  • Present for her

This is just an important time for Honor as it is for Tim and I. She has been asking us for a sibling for years. Being older (5), she has more of an understanding of what is about to happen when I go into labour and she wants to be involved as much as possible.
So, to see things from her perspective, we have brought her a Vtech kids digital camera from Toy World. She can capture photos and videos for herself and we can see what moments she found interesting during this special time.

Don't you worry though, I am expecting to see a lot of selfies and silly pictures when we upload them.

We have also included a card for her from Tim and I that she can treasure forever. Words of love, acknowledgment, and appreciation.
I can confirm that a lot of emotional tears were flowing when I was writing this.

Babies Hospital Bag


Horray, I finally get to put my most favorite baby purchase to use.
My Archie Nappy bag from Felix & Stone.

When packing Baby's bag you only need the essentials.

  • Newborn nappies
  • Wipes
  • Singlets
  • Onesies
  • Swaddle 
  • Blanket
  • Hat
  • Mittens
  • Socks
  • Flannels 


Mummas Bag

I know that I have definitely overpacked. But my theory is always:



  • Snacks. Lactation Cookies are the ideal snacks. I am not being biased lol. But they really are. Easy to grab and eat with one hand, enjoyable for mum and nutrient-rich ingredients ideal for your milk supply.
  •  Water Bottle
  •  Sports drink or electrolyte drinks
  •  Lip balm
  •  Calming spray 
  •  Toiletry bag
  •  Toothpaste and brush
  •  Soap
  •  Flannels
  •  Dry Shampoo
  •  Maternity Pads
  •  Reuseable Breastpads
  •  Headband and hair ties
  •  Hairbrush
  •  Hydrogel breast pads
  •  Maternity Bras
  •  Maternity Singlets
  •  Comfy Pjs
  •  Outfit to come home in
  •  Makeup (if you wish to freshen up)
  •  Socks 
  •  High wasted underwear
  •  Toilet Paper
  •  Nightlight
  •  Extension cord if you feel necessary
  •  Ural sachets 
  •  Dettol wipes


Last-minute items to grab and pack.
Make a list and send it to your partner or stick it on the fridge. This way instructions are clear and you both are organised if you need to rush out the door.

- Charger
- Electronics (ipad etc)
- Dressing Gown
- Own Pillow

There are so many other items that other Mums will find handy for when in hospital.
I have probably missed a thousand. But the good thing is, your partner can bring it in for you.

I hope this helps.
Happy packing Mummas

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