Naturally inducing Labour

Naturally inducing Labour

I hit the 37-week mark this week and boy, we are ready for you to come!
We are tracking for another big baby (Honor was 10lbs13oz) and this big boy is looking to be the same.
So after chats with my midwife and the obstetrician, we have agreed that earlier labor would be ideal for me wanting to birth naturally again and try to avoid a severe tear like the last.
So bring on all the natural remedies to help stimulate labour.
I’ve been asked a lot to share all the tricks I have come across so here’s the list.

PLEASE speak to your midwife or LMC before trying any of these.

🍍PINEAPPLE (apparently you have to eat about 7 of these including the core)
☕️ Raspberry leaf tea. Our Boobie brew contains this so I’ve been brewing all week.
🌰DATES. 6x medulla dates a day.
🍜 SPICY FOOD. Most of us know this one.
The wive tales behind the reputed foods to induce labour, such as spicy foods, is to irritate the intestines causing diarrhea and contraction like feelings. This can trick the body thinking it’s time to excrete everything and therefore induce labour.
🍶 OILS. Such as castor oil or cod liver oil.
Some swear by this trick but personally, it’s one I’m not trying. Again, this irritates the bowels. But it also can speed up the labour and make it more uncomfortable and painful.
💉 ACUPUNCTURE. I did this when pregnant with Honor and she was bang on time.
♥️ SEX. This is the last thing a lot of us feel like in this stage but there are 3 factors to this that can help.
- Orgasm can stimulate the uterus to have contractions. So ladies you don’t even need the man 😉
- However, the sperm helps to ripen the cervix so you do need him. Or do you just need the goods that got you into this situation in the first place. Think creatively if it feels to uncomfortable to do the actual deed 😉
- BUT the physical act and feeling of sex with your partner can help to release oxytocin hormone which can trigger contractions. So men, if Mumma is into it then 👍🏻

🏐 SWISS BALL. Get those hips and pelvis moving.
I’ve been using my HAAKA silicone pump which is working wonders. Perfect to be able to suction on and I can pump it to mimic babies sucking motion. This releases oxytocin and again may help to bring on contractions.
(Follow up blog coming about colostrum harvesting).
Curb walking is when you walk with one foot on the curb/sidewalk and the other on the road. It forces you to have an uneven gait where you will notice the shift in your body weight much more with each step.
👉 PRESSURE POINTS. These are located through the body. Toes, calves, ankles, palms. An acupuncturist or reflexologist will be able to help with this.
🕳 PRIMROSE OIL. Orally and up the HooHaa. This can help soften and prepare the cervix for smoother labour.
✌🏻STRETCH & SWEEP. Ask your midwife or LMC to assist with this.
💧CAULIPHYLLUM drops. It can be found at health shops and is traditionally used to support natural childbirth.
💧CLARY SAGE. I’ve had this in my defuser next to my bed. Also, add a few drops to some coconut oil and rub it on your belly.
AGAIN, please remember these are natural remedies and suggestions that should only be used once discussed with your midwife or LMC.
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