Nicoles Feeding Journey

Nicoles Feeding Journey

Nicole's feeding journey:

I think this might get a lot of eye rolling as feeding has come easy… as my midwife put it… you are a great friesian! But having a lot of milk has come with a few ewww yuck moments for me. No one told me how engorged you could actually become when your milk comes in. The pain 😱 and then baby trying to latch onto rock hard, 6x the normal size boobs 😱😱

Thankfully cabbage leaves and wrapping three towels around my chest to sleep at night reduced the number of sheet changes over that first week. The terror of grassing your towel as soon as you get out of the shower so you don’t end up covering the floor in milk. Always having a cloth in public because milk will hit someone at the next table. The money spent on breast pads because no reusable one works and your using 2-3 sets a day. Babies that won’t take a bottle because they have never had to suck in their life, they’ve spent the first part of their lives trying not to drown. Cleaning couches at least once a day from the power chucks if the milk flow gets their gag reflex.

I’m extremely grateful that I have never had to worry about supply or the weight of my baby but these are just some of the things I would love to live without on my journey. I would like middle of the road boobs that aren’t trying to drown my babies.


How do/did you feed your baby?

I exclusively breastfed

Did you face any issues with feeding your baby?:


Are you happy with your feeding journey?:

Yes & No

Did you find support and information easily accessible for both breastfeeding and bottle feeding mothers in New Zealand?:

Yes, there are many options and I found them very useful

If yes, who or what services did you use or felt were most helpful and informative?:

The Breastroom in Dunedin was fantastic to help when latching all of a sudden became painful at 10 weeks. It is a free service, we were seen within 10min, referred on for tongue tie review and then followed up 2 weeks later to make sure baby and I were back on track 🥰


Any amazing tips, brands or products you found useful for your feeding journey?:

Milkbar silicone pump for helping relieve engorgement, The Lactation station portable pump for the convenience of getting milk into the freezer. The old fashion cloth nappies for soaking up my flow if baby starts choking mid feed!

Thank you to Nicole for sharing their beautiful journey.

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