Postpartum & breastfeeding nutrition

Postpartum & breastfeeding nutrition

You may be surprised to hear it.
Nutrient needs in breastfeeding Mums are higher than while pregnant. 
You’re still growing a baby. Don’t think you’re off the hook if you want a healthy baby or to return to better health faster after birth. 
This means nourishing your body with real wholefoods should remain a huge priority. 
You need to replenish your body post birth (whether it’s vaginal or c-section). 
Your body has undergone a lot of stress and pressure, your energy levels are lower and you need to account for blood loss and wound healing. 

Nutrients requirements are high. That’s why postpartum nutrition matters. 
Some cultures got it right, animal products such as organic or grass fed meats, bone broths, seafood, eggs were a key feature in postpartum recovery and for a good reason. 

These foods are extremely healing.
They are high in amino acids such as glycerine (which is very healing for connective tissue), minerals like iron for blood loss, zinc for wound healing and the immune system, omega-3 for the immune system and many other nutrients. 
These foods are best to be enjoyed in a way that is gentle and easy to digest, such as stews, casseroles, soups and slow cooked meals. These are warming and extremely nutritious. So keep this in mind if you’re prepping your freezer for when baby arrives. 

Eating these types of foods gives your body the best chance at a quicker recovery for not only postpartum care but they are also nutrient rich which help support your new growing baby (as they are all key nutrients needed for the development of your little bub). 

Written by 
Natalie Cvetkovski
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