Red Flags - how to know when to seek help

Red Flags - how to know when to seek help

Knowing when to ask for help can be tricky so here is a wee guide to help below.
If your baby is feeding frequently and effectively and you answer yes to any of the below, see your LMC, GP or LC for further advice and guidance.

1. If your baby has lost more than 10% of their birth weight by Day 5, or has not
regained their birth weight by day 10 or at the very latest day 14.

2. Your baby is putting on less than 150 grams a week.

3. Breastfeeds are long and often but your baby is not gaining weight.

4. Bub is not waking for feeds on their own, and falling asleep shortly into a feed.

5. Is breastfeeding less than 7-8 times in 24 hours.

6. Jaundice: should not be seen below the umblicus. Also it's worth noting if
jaundice is staying the same or not improving this is something you need to notify your health professional of.

7. Inadequate output: baby has less than 6 wet nappies in 24 hours, decreased
bowel motions and/or delayed transitional stools (meconium after 72 hours)

8. Dehydration: Lethargic, distressed or weak cry, dry mouth, dry eyes, low grade fever, lack of skin turgor or concentrated urine/ urates after day 4.

9. Sore nipples that don't improve with the correct latch and breastfeeding
continues to be painful. Nipple tenderness is common for the first 7-10 days and
peaks at day 3-6. If pain persists beyond day 14, see a LC.

10.Sore breast (s) that do not improve.

Julia Daly
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