Alchohol & breastfeeding

Alchohol & breastfeeding

November 8 2021

Can I drink alcohol if I am breastfeeding?
If you want to, you can enjoy a glass of wine, a beer or whatever it is that you choose to drink. The key is to plan ahead.
The concentration of alcohol in your blood is the concentration of alcohol in your milk. Alcohol gets into your breastmilk from your blood, moving freely from the blood to the breastmilk (and back out again).

Breastmilk storage

Breastmilk storage

October 11 2021
Storing expressed breastmilk

● Store expressed breast milk in plastic or glass containers with airtight,
sealed lids. Use BPA‐free plastic wherever possible. Label each bottle or container with the date and time.

● You can also use expressing bags. These come in one time use or reusable
options. This is becoming increasingly popular.

● In the early days freezing your milk in ice cube trays and then popping them
out as ice cubes and storing them in a snap lock bag works well. Especially
as you will only need small amounts. This prevents wastage.

● Once breastfeeding is established, store milk in amounts from around 60 ml
to 200 ml, making sure there's some empty space at the top of the bottle or
bag. Milk expands when freezing, and if the bottle/bag is full it will spill over
the top.
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