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Wearable Boobie Pump 2.0

Wearable Boobie Pump 2.0

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 Pump wherever life takes you! 

The Lactation Stations wearable Boobie pump 2.0 makes it simple for mums to go about their busy lives hands-free.

No cords, no wires, rechargeable, quiet, and easy means no more sitting down to pump, saving precious time during your busy days. Simply pop the pump on your breast, secure it in place in your bra, turn it on and you're good to go.

The Boobie Pump 2.0 has 4 modes:
Massage ▪️ Stimulation ▪️Automatic ▪️Expression 

Each mode has 12 gear settings to suit every women’s pumping preferences.

With a LED screen, the wearable Boobie pump 2.0 means this pump is more user-friendly. It also includes a built-in timer for each pumping session.

The Lactation Stations Wearable Boobie Pump 2.0 has a peak power of 300 mmHg.
Expression mode suction value ranges from 120~300 mmHg.
Stimulation mode suction value ranges from 30~180 mmHg.

The Boobie Pump 2.0 holds up to 200ml, is BPA-free, food-grade silicone and is super easy to clean.

1.5-hour charge time via the USB charging cable included. 

Anti-back flow protection 

What's in the box:
1x Complete Boobie Pump with a 24mm flange.
1x USB Charging cable.

1x Bra strap extenders (do not fit TLS Boobie Bras).
Instructions/care booklet and your warranty card.
Nipple measurement card.

For different Flange sizes and Parts please see our Wearable Boobie Pump Flange Inserts & Accessories.

The Lactation Station offers a 6-month limited warranty on your Wearable Boobie Pump. For more information on the warranty or our returns policy please see:

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